Dubrovnik is an important historical Croatian tourist destination, located on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Nature Park «Hutovo blato» as wetlands, with an abundance of water and lots of animal and plant species. Trebižat river creates wonderful and beautiful waterfalls, height up to 28 meters int he Herzegovinian karst. A place of prayer and peace. Medjugorje is Marian and World Prayer Center which is often compared to Lourdes and Fatima. The island of Mljet is the eighth largest Croatian island, one part of the island is oldest national park in Croatia. Old Bridge - a prominent medieval stone bridge, which connects the coasts of Herzegovina pearl - Neretva River. Necropolis at Radimlja is most famous site of tombstones, medieval tombstones in Herzegovina. Ston is a rich treasure trove of cultural - historical monuments, many of which are zero-and first-class. Walls from the 1333. year, length of 5.5 kilometers, are the longest fortress complex in Europe and second in the world, right after the Great Wall of China. Archeological museum, keeps 900 artifacts from the site of the ancient Narone, archaeological site in Vid near Metkovic. The largest and most beautiful cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a protected monument of nature, in the category of special geological reserves, nominated for a preliminary list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.


Neum is located in the southern Adriatic region in the triangle of Makarska (80 km), Mostar (75km) and Dubrovnik (70 km).

Villa Marić to its guests recommended trips to famous destinations such as: Dubrovnik (70 km), Međugorje (60 km), Mostar (75km), Mogorjelo (35km), Hutovo blato (45km), Rafting and kanuing on river Trebižat (45 km), Waterfall Kravica (55 km), Delta of river Neretva (20 km), Vid (40 km), Vjetrenica- Ravno (55 km), Stolac (60 km), Ston (20 km), Mljet (80 km), Korčula (90 km), Visiting rural households (agrotourism) (5 to 25 km).

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